Criminal Lawyer

Have You Been Arrested?

We are here for you, we defend complex and important criminal cases throughout the Toronto GTA and anywhere in Ontario; we are committed to providing you with the best defence against criminal charges, and work with you at every step in the court process.
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We realize that it can be difficult and stressful to be caught up in the criminal justice system, which is why our goal is to find a favourable way to resolve your situation and ensure that you always understand and exercise your rights. If you are arrested by the police and are facing criminal charges, you should be aware of all of your rights, including the right to silence and right to counsel. We will help you to understand your rights and represent you if you must appear at a bail hearing or if the case has proceeded to trial.


If you or someone you care about needs to talk to an experienced criminal defence lawyer, reach out to us about the following:


  • Bail Hearings
  • Dui/ Over 80/ Impaired Driving/Drinking and Driving
  • Fraud and Corporate Fraud
  • Return of Seized Property
  • Murder
  • Domestic and Sexual Assault
  • Weapons Related Offences
  • Crimes of Violence
  • Narcotics and Drug Related Offences
  • Assault with Weapon
  • Forged Documents/Obtaining by False Pretence